December 21, 2022 |

Which Tree-Roll Is Right for You?

If you’re a seasoned cannabis or hemp consumer, sometimes it can be difficult to find a high-quality pre-roll. While so many brands these days are diving into the world of pre-rolls, not all of them produce the effective, smooth puffs that many are looking for – which are the ones worth toking. Trying to sift through the sea of smokeable products can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. While many enjoy THC pre- rolls, CBD and CBG pre-rolls have been taking the front seat in what’s wellness, becoming an increasingly popular and powerful way to experience the relaxation of cannabis without the psychoactive effects.

Looking for a quick, potent dose of your favorite cannabinoid? When it comes to flavor, quality, potency, and even packaging, we guarantee to exceed your expectations in every way with our high quality selection of pre-rolls. Get ready to learn and exhale!

First, What Are Pre-Rolls?

In a nutshell, pre-rolls are smokeable products (joints / cigarettes) that come ready to be smoked. Instead of taking the time to grind up your cannabis flower, find the perfect paper or wrap, placing it evenly inside, and actually rolling up, pre-rolls are prepped and ready for you to enjoy.

So, what’s there left to do if this hard work has been done? All you need to do is light it up and enjoy all of the goodness that’s inside.

Not only are pre-rolls easy to use, but they are portable and perhaps one of the most convenient ways to consume cannabis — definitely great for those who are short on time or always on-the-go. There are a variety of different pre-rolled products, however the main differences are the cannabinoids present, size and rolling paper used which includes flax, rice, hemp, wood celulose and more.

Now, when it comes to cannabinoids, you might be wondering about the difference between THC and CBD pre-rolls. Essentially THC pre-rolls contain THC — the main chemical compound found in cannabis that produces pyschoactivity, causing a high sensation in the body. These are typically found at recreational or medical dispensaries (or that guy’s house that lives down the street).

While some enjoy getting a dose of THC with pre-rolled cannabis, THC has the potential to cause adverse effects, especially in individuals who have a light tolerance to the cannabinoid.

But, as we mentioned, for any person who wants to ditch the high from THC pre-rolls and experience a non-psychoactive, therapeutic effect, CBD pre-rolls might be a great option. We’ve got you covered, our hemp-derived CBD pre-rolls will blow your mind, no pun intended!

Why Tree-Rolls Pre-rolls?

For those of your who are looking to go against the grain in the realm of cannabis, we’ve remixed a popular product that’s both elegant and flavorful.

Naturally rich in terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids and other amazing therapeutic compounds, our pre-rolls are filled with an amazing blend of herbs and pure, full-spectrum, premium hemp flower (with less than 0.3% THC).

Unlike other companies, our pre-rolls contain zero additives, tobacco, chemicals or flavorings. All you will get is simply 100% slow-cured hemp flower — all of what you want and none of what you don’t. We offer 6 different varieties — 3 classic, yet unique pre rolls and 3 “Hemp + Herbs” pre-rolls, combined organically with USDA organic herbs.

Crafted in an un-filtered, ultra-thin paper, these delicious smokeable’s contain 0.75 g Net Wt. of hemp & herbal blends to deliver the best of the best in cannabis. So, take things up a notch and experience a real difference in our holistic line of pre-rolls — certainly there’s one out there for everybody.

Which Tree-Roll is Best for You?

Relaxing Pre-Roll: Sequoia

If you love wanderlust, set out and plan an adventure outdoors while consuming this pre roll. Exuding a pleasant, earthy, aromas with notes of fresh pine, our Sequoia pre-roll is filled with hemp containing naturally occurring, therapeutic terpenes that will provide you relaxation as you deep think and gain introspectiveness in the forest, mountain, lakeside — wherever connects you to nature!

Energizing Pre-Roll: Palm

Take yourself to a remote place of paradise with this Tree-Rolls Palm blend. Offering a coastal vibe, it was designed to promote energy, high-spirits and the kind of liveliness that can take on anything. Not only your mind, but your taste buds will be sent to a faraway place, boasting tropical and sweet flavors, all thanks to the bounty of terpenes.

Pre-Roll for Creativity: Aspen

Tree-Rolls’ Aspen pre-roll was designed to get those creative juices flowing. Perfect for the movers and the shakers in the creative world, consumers can find their escape and let their imagination run wild to take this blend. Full of citrusy terpenes, consumers love Aspen for its ability to melt away daily stress and provide a serious mood boost.

Delicious Pre-Roll Flavor: Peppermint

With this pre-roll you get a minty freshness and smooth toke to die for! The cooling flavor and therapeutic effects of peppermint has been revered for ages, claimed to assist with relaxation, breathing issues, digestion and many others. Consumers can experience an unforgettable aromatic experience while smoking this blend.

Calming Pre-Roll: Lavender

Mixed with our premium, organically grown hemp flower and dried organic lavender flowers, this blend is sure to please on the effects. Known for its therapeutic qualities, lavender has been used medicinally for centuries, containing a terpene linalool — an organic compound believed to help with sleeping issues, stress, anxiety, and inflammation. You can stress less and chill more toking this blend!

Detoxifying Pre-Roll: Rose Petal

Those who love florals and botanicals will also love this blend. Rose petals may represent passion and romance, but what many don’t know is they also contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties known to improve skin health and elevate mood. Fruity and sweet, the rose petals are made visible through our ultra-thin papers to give a distinct, unique visual that will take any spa day or night in, to the next level.

Roll up and Relieve

No matter which pre roll you choose to consume, you will be reaping the benefits of the incredible cannabinoids, CBD and CBG — and as we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to stress about experiencing any psycho-activity. Whether you’re anxious, in pain, stressed out, or looking for an alternative, indulging in some hemp-derived flower can be a totally transformative cannabis experience, if you take the step. What’s even more?

Not only can you enjoy quality cannabis and all it has to offer, but you can help make an impact with us with your purchase. Learn more about that here!

So, do your part, sit back, relax, and light up your hemp pre-roll. Before you know it, you’ll be as relaxed as ever and happy about the therapeutic effects it brings.