Build Your Own Pre Roll Packs

Build your own Tree-Rolls pack with our 6 CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls!


  • Buy and try our 3-Pack!
  • Buy a 6-Pack for the price of 5! (Save 17%)
  • Buy a 12-Pack for the price of 9! (Save 25%)
$23.97 - $72.00

We invite you to enjoy one of the finest smokable hemp products available. Each of our masterfully crafted hemp blends are formulated to enhance life’s experiences, wherever they may take you.

Pure, full-spectrum hemp. No additives; just premium 100% hemp flowers and paper. All of our products are filled with only the finest quality, slow-cured hemp flower with zero tobacco and less than 0.3% THC.

All pre-rolled products come unfiltered in an ultra-thin paper to deliver the full benefits of the plant inside. Each pre-roll contains 0.75 g Net Wt. of beautiful and aromatic hemp flower, naturally rich in terpenes & cannabinoids.


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