June 02, 2022 |

The Impact of Herbs

Herbs: one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. Many of us turn to herbs to help enhance our cooking or add some lovely aromatics to the room. The truth is, the impact of herbs stretches so much further than this – offering us remarkable benefits that are hard to ignore (and, here at Tree-Rolls Hemp Co., we know a thing or two about high-quality herbs.)
Today, we’re taking a closer look into the impact of herbs, their unique benefits, and even some of the best ones to incorporate into your daily routine. With the help of these natural plants, you may find yourself feeling like a new version of yourself. Let’s get started.

Herbal Botanicals & Their Benefits

The number of beneficial herbs on this planet is innumerable; however, they aren’t something everyone takes advantage of. While we all know how helpful fruits and vegetables can be to our health and wellness, what about herbs?
Every herb offers a unique kind of support for the mind and body. While some herbal botanicals are excellent for helping to regulate inflammation and manage pain, others are ideal for providing a sense of relaxation. And yet, others do it all at once — like our personal favorite, hemp.
Plain and simple, there’s an herb out there for every person and every condition. Whether you’re hoping to help with your diabetes or boost immune support, certain herbs have the potential to give you the support you want.
For centuries, people have relied on the natural benefits of herbs to keep their health and wellness on track. And today, these principles still stand — we just know even more now about their incredible impact.

Best Organic Herbs for Wellness

As we mentioned, the number of helpful herbs out there is too many for us to list. However, we’ve come up with four of the best herbs for your wellness on the market. These herbs are both easily accessible and offer incredible benefits that consumers of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from.


What kind of hemp company would we be if we didn’t mention the plant that got us started in the first place?
Hemp is one of the world’s oldest crops, and it’s also one of the most versatile, helpful herbs the world has seen. The hemp plant is part of the cannabis plant genus, and it contains beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. Since ancient times, people have enjoyed this herb for its medicinal impact and supportive effects.
The effects of hemp will differ from person to person, but many people find the herb to bring calming, pain-relieving properties. When smoked, you’ll experience the benefits of hemp almost immediately; through other consumption methods, you may have to wait longer, but the results can still be incredibly beneficial.
For those looking to experience the plant in its purest form, check out 100% Hemp flower pre-rolls.


Another common herb that has lovely impacts on health and wellness is lavender. Chances are, you’ve heard of this plant being ideal for providing relief and relaxation — and you’re not wrong! Lavender contains the terpene linalool, which is a compound known for its anti-anxiety, muscle-relaxing properties.
When you smell the calming scents of lavender, the terpenes work their way up through the nose and into the brain. From here, these compounds work to provide relief in myriad ways. After all, there’s a reason a room filled with lavender is more calming than one without.
Test out the calming effects for yourself with Tree-Rolls Hemp + Herbs Lavender pre-roll


Turmeric is well known as one of the most beneficial herbs you can incorporate into your daily life. This impactful herb is excellent for improving heart health, boosting immune support, reducing pain and inflammation, and much more.
What’s great about turmeric is how versatile it is. The herb has so many different benefits, and you can reap these rewards in various ways depending on what appeals to you most. You can easily add turmeric directly to your meals, consume liquid turmeric shots, or even find turmeric supplements. The choice is yours.


Our last (but not least) favorite herb on this list is ashwagandha. Also known as winter cherry, ashwagandha is an herb that people have relied on for centuries due to its remarkable impact on wellness. These days, you can find ashwagandha in various forms, typically as capsules or powder.
Adding ashwagandha to your daily routine can be wonderful for your health and happiness. This herb is proven to help reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, relieve stress and anxiety, and so much more. The incredible impact of herbs like ashwagandha is nearly unbelievable — but they’re oh-so-beneficial.

Incorporating Herbs Into Your Daily Life 

Incorporating medicinal herbs into your daily routine can be life-changing. Plus, it’s easy! All you have to do is begin by finding the ones you like the most.
Here at Tree-Rolls Hemp, we strongly believe in consuming at least a little bit of hemp daily to keep cannabinoids and endocannabinoid system within our body working strong. This depends on your preference, but you can choose to smoke a hemp pre-roll, consume a CBD capsule, or even rub some CBD-infused lotion onto your sore muscles. Regardless of how you do it, the more consistently you provide your body with these supportive herbs, the better you’re going to start feeling.
Try adding a bit of herb to your morning smoothie or in a wellness shot as a midday pick-me-up. Trust us; your mind and body will start to thank you.

Finding Your Favorite Herbs with Tree-Rolls

Here at Tree-Rolls Hemp Co., we want you to experience the impact that herbs like hemp can have on your health and wellness. Whether you’re interested in reducing pain or calming your anxiety, these nourishing plants are here to help. While the results may be different for everyone, it’s hard to ignore the impressive potential benefits that hemp and other herbs can bring to consumers.
That’s exactly why we’ve made our pre-rolls pure, high-quality, and accessible; this way, you’ll reap all the benefits — and we’ll ship your herbs right to your door. Try out all of our Hemp + Herbs botanical pre-rolls and find your very own favorite!