Tree-Rolls® Pre-Roll Flight

A feel-good pre-roll for all of life’s occasions!

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A feel-good pre-roll for all of life’s occasions! Wherever you find your escape and inspiration, Tree-Rolls® products are designed to heighten and enhance those experiences. #PUFFPUFFPLANT™

Here’s what’s included:

100% Hemp Pre-Rolls

  • 1x – Sequoia CBD Pre-Roll: Spiritual & Introspective | Earthy & Pine Aromas
  • 1x – Palm CBD Pre-Roll: Exhilarating & Uplifted | Tropical & Sweet
  • 1x – Aspen CBD Pre-Roll: Creative & Inspired | Citrusy & Fresh

Hemp + Herbs Pre-Rolls

  • 1x – Lavender CBD Pre-Roll: Calming & Floral | Herbal Blend
  • 1x – Peppermint CBD Pre-Roll: Fresh & Relaxing | Herbal Blend
  • 1x – Rose Petal CBD Pre-Roll: Passionate & Sweet | Herbal Blend

No tobacco, no additives, and no flavorings – Just pure, full-spectrum hemp flower and USDA organic herbs. All products contain 0.75 g net wt. and are 3rd party lab tested under 0.3% THC.



A feel-good pre-roll for all of life’s occasions!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz

We invite you to enjoy one of the finest smokable hemp products available. Each of our masterfully crafted hemp blends are formulated to enhance life’s experiences, wherever they may take you.

Pure, full-spectrum, aromatic hemp flower, naturally rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. No additives; just premium 100% hemp flowers, or Hemp + Herbs and paper.All of our products are filled with only the finest quality, slow-cured hemp flower and USDA organic herbs with zero tobacco and less than 0.3% THC. All pre-roll products comes unfiltered in an ultra-thin paper to deliver the full benefits of the plant inside.

Complementing our delicious, slow-cured hemp flower, our Hemp + Herbs blends have been specially formulated to impart the flavor, aroma and beneficial properties of some of the most aromatic, colorful and tasty herbs on the planet. We invite you to step outside the box, turn a new leaf and experience the additional benefits of holistic herbs.