January 11, 2021 |

Introducing Tree-Rolls® Hemp Company

Allow us to Introduce Ourselves….

Welcome to Tree-Rolls® Hemp Company – purveyors the world’s finest quality, cannabinoid-rich hemp pre-rolls!

Our brand represents more than just another CBD product – it represents an escape from modern demands. A chance to break free from what society has embedded into our minds as the norm and create our own unique adventures – all while doing some good for our planet in the process.

We create feel-good products for consumers looking to experience the benefits of hemp in its unaltered, uncompromised form. Everyone has their own reasons for consuming the plant, but our underlying goal is to offer it to the world in the highest quality means possible – pure, full-spectrum, USA organically grown, slow-cured, trichome-packed, terpene-bursting, DEA-lab-certified, 100% hemp flower. Say that 10 times fast and let it soak in that every product bearing the Tree-Rolls® badge is made with only the highest quality ingredients available.

Our passion lies not just in the plant itself, but also in delivering it in the best smoking format possible. Smoking of hemp and other herbs is nothing new to cultures throughout history, we’re just here to make it better. Since 2014, our team of engineers, hemp specialists and amazing people have been working diligently to create the world’s finest smoking pre-rolled joints. All of our hemp pre-rolls are manufactured in-house in our facility in San Diego, California, using our proprietary, tried-and-true equipment and processes. We refuse to compromise on quality at any point of the process.

If premium hemp products are indeed what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

Progression of the last decade has brought us all the opportunity to make better choices – with our health, our careers, and how we spend our free time. No longer are we burdened by the prohibition of a plant that has grown naturally alongside us, positively impacting humanity far back into antiquity. New job opportunities have emerged, and new research is being performed – shining additional light on the benefits of the hemp plant, while further illuminating the reality that not all hemp products are created equal.

Giving Back – You Smoke ‘Em, We Plant ‘Em

Our mission is to provide products that enhance the experiences, moods and lifestyles of people in all walks of life, while also helping to renew and sustain nature’s most precious resources – trees. Partnering with Trees for the Future (Trees.org), one tree is planted for every single Tree-Rolls® product sold – whether it be pre-rolls, apparel, or lifestyle products. Planting these trees not only helps renew the environment, but it also provides communities with sustainable food sources, improvements in their standard of living – and even saves lives. #PUFFPUFFPLANT

The Tree-Rolls® Website (www.Treerolls.com)

Our website is designed from the ground up to help all levels of hemp consumers (and non-consumers) get educated on the plant and make it easy as possible to determine what products are best for you.

Scroll down our homepage for a bird-eye view of our brand, products and what we stand for. You can find additional info on our company on our “About Us” and “Partners” pages, under the “Learn” menu.

For all sorts of valuable information on hemp, CBD and everything in-between, hover over our “Learn” menu and check out the “Hemp 101” page. This page is designed to give you a 360 degree view of the plant, how it interacts with your body, and how to make informed buying decisions. For more drilled-down educational information and industry news from industry gurus, as well as interviews and exciting topics from Tree-Rolls® lifestylers, check out our Blog page and make sure to subscribe to our email newsletter.

Tree-Rolls® Premium Products

Ready to give us a shot?! All of our products can be found by hovering over the “Shop” menu. Here you’ll find our full line of 100% Hemp pre-rolls and Hemp + Herbs pre-rolls – all containing less than 0.3% THC and made with ZERO additives, flavorings, tobacco, nicotine, or other nonsense chemicals we can’t pronounce. All of our pre-rolls are crafted to preserve and showcase the delicious, naturally occurring flavors, aromatics and beneficial compounds within the plant – all wrapped up in the finest packed and smoothest drawing pre-rolls on the market.

Under our “Apparel” section, you’ll find a range of gear and clothing options, including Tree-Rolls® branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more. In our “Lifestyle” section you’ll even find hemp infused candles to accommodate your pre-rolls and maximize your relaxation and chillness.

DEA Certified Lab Test Reports

If you’re reading this, you probably care about what you put into your body. To ensure full transparency, each Tree-Rolls® hemp product is batch coded and includes a scannable QR code so you can see exactly what’s inside. Use your phone to scan the QR code on the back any Tree-Rolls® pouch, find the batch number found at the bottom of the pouch and you’ll be taken to a lab test report (also known as a COA, or Certificate of Analysis). You can also reach this page by hovering over the “Learn” menu and clicking on “Lab Tests”. Click on the link at the top of the Lab tests page to learn all about how to read the lab test results for your products.

What’s next?

We’re constantly innovating and creating new products to give our consumers what they need and help drive the industry forward. Have any comments, questions, or thoughts on how we can improve? We love hearing from you! Please reach out to us on the contact page or our website, or email us at info@treerolls.com.

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Tree-Rolls® products are also available from other online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores, so keep your eye out for our products in your favorite locations. If they don’t have them, demand them (in the nicest way possible)!

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