April 22, 2022 |

How to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”— Wendell Berry.

There are few things in life that we as people share — Earth is perhaps one of the most important of all them. This is a place we all have to share and whatever happens to it, is up to us. We face the consequences of our actions on the environment, so it’s extremely vital that we chip in and do our part to ensure it stays a beautiful place. Thankfully, we have a day that rolls around every year that never lets us forget this.

Held on April 22, Earth Day engages over 1 billion people worldwide and continues to grow, spreading education and awareness on creating a better and cleaner environment for all. Whether you decide to throw a full on party, volunteer, or enjoy the great beauty of the outdoors, below we share a few ways that are as fun as they are green to help you do your part this upcoming Earth Day!

How did Earth Day Start and Why Do We Celebrate It? The History.

Before we get into ways to celebrate Earth Day, we thought it might be useful to share a little background on how the holiday came to be. Since the 70’s, Earth Day has been celebrated every year on April 22. During these times, there was a growing concern about the effects of pollution as well as the lack of regulation of industrial consumption. With many coming forth exposing the link between pollution and public health, the increasing public awareness to call for action which in turn, started an environmental consciousness movement.

After the occurrence of the devastating Santa Barbara oil spill in 1969, American politicians and activists came together and held teach-ins inspired by student anti-war protests which eventually expanded to include the broader population. And thus, inspired millions of people to unite for the health of earth on April 22, which went global in 1990.

Celebrate By Doing Your Part

There are countless ways to celebrate Earth Day, but one of the best things you can do is educate yourself on the cause and let your voice be heard in your community. Below we’ve listed a few simple ways we can make environmentally conscious decisions daily.

Use water reasonably — This may be the most important. It’s been reported that by 2050, nearly half of the globe will be living in locations facing a serious water crisis. There are a lot of ways we need and use water, which can lead to high water consumption. But, if we really love water, we should try limiting how much of it we use. This can be done numerous ways including shutting off water while brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, turning off the nozzle of hoses when watering your plants or lawn — literally anything will help!

Unplug unused electronics – Many may not know this, but even if an appliance is plugged in and not being used, there are still small amounts of electricity being drained. When you unplug unused electronics — or anything that can be plugged in for that matter — you can avoid wasting energy. It’s estimated that electricity consumption will continue to increase per capita so any way you can decrease your consumption will only be a good thing.

Purchase energy-efficient appliances – As the world grows more environmentally conscious, it makes sense why there are new products created everyday to not only make life more efficient but also help the planet. Reduce your energy usage by purchasing energy-efficient models — it’ll not only expand the lifetime of your appliance, but your wallet will be happy too.

Choose efficient appliances – Similarly above, opting for modern appliances like washing machines, dish washers, etc. helps reduce water use, in a very easy and efficient way. Not everyone may have both of these appliances in their residence, but one is better than none.

Try reusable containers — Plastic bottles, food wrappers, bags etc. all contribute to the decline of the earth’s health. These are mostly single-use food and drink items that are commonly littered and can not only decompose and leak into the ground, but also harm wildlife. If you want to do your part, try using reusable containers to save on waste (and money, of course).

Clean up — Earth Day will bring about thousands if not millions of people helping clean up, and you can join in. Visit your hiking path, favorite park, or neighborhood field and bring a bag to collect any trash or waste you find. Bringing friends is even better and helps embrace a sense of community — it may even inspire others around you to do the same.

Educate others — This day is the perfect time to teach loved ones about the value of taking care of their surroundings and leaving them better than they found them. The more a person knows, the better for all persons.

Have fun — Earth Day is just as much about having fun than it is anything else! There are a number of activities to show your appreciation for the world around you, a few include:

● Enjoy the outdoors
● Get products from a local farmers market
● Invite friends to perform volunteer work
● Garden or help plant a tree
● Create recycled crafts
● Watch an environmental documentary
● Make a plant-based meal
● Write or sing about planet earth — add a little dancing too!


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