May 05, 2022 |

Be Different This Year: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s a literal fact that moms are superheroes. So, it makes sense to find the best gifts possible for that special lady in our lives. We see the typical flower bouquet or bottle of wine, but why not get her something she would want, but wouldn’t expect this year? We’re talking things to help make her life easier, fun and more efficient.

We sifted the sea of products online so you don’t have to and to make your Mother’s Day shopping a little less stressful — and because moms deserve it, of course!

Unique Ashtray

A Mother’s Day ashtray — hey, that rhymed! This heart shaped ashtray for your mom will let her know you care about the times when is medicating. Not just a unique shape, but it will be able to keep ash in such a gorgeous glass piece that will make a beautiful addition to any coffee table or dresser! For safekeeping, we recommend hand washing whenever needed.

Key Locator

Mothers can get a little (or really) busy and like any busy person, sometimes things get misplaced — sometimes really important things like her keys. No biggie – that’s what this key locator is for. When the time comes and she’s lost her keys, all she has to do is press the corresponding button and a signal will emit a beep to assist her with locating them, it’s that simple (and convenient)!

They can be attached to backpacks, purses, wallets, and even phone cases.

Electric Wine Opener

When it’s time to wind (or rather, wine) down, why not make things a little easier for mom and get her one of these! This electric wine opener can remove a cork in just seven seconds — talk about a cool kitchen gadget. Even better? It comes with a charging base for faster, safer pours and more time to relax.

Hemp Candles

Moms love candles – it’s a simple fact. You can find candles loaded with overwhelming perfumes and petroleum-based paraffin wax anywhere, so why not get something natural and unique? These candles are made with natural soy way and essential oils, plus the addition of hemp CBD, natural herbs, and a healing crystal. An easy choice to satisfy even the pickiest of mothers! Choose from Lavender, Peppermint and Rose.

Satin Sleep Mask

Made with silk on both sides, this sleeping mask is not your average mask. The the mask also contains a pure silk filler and liner, offering a plush and soft feel against the skin for those who have sensitive skin.

Made of top quality silk, it comes with an elastic head strap design that won’t tangle hair like contoured masks and fit for all the side-sleepers mothers as well. It’s lightweight, breathable, blocks bright light — your mother will hardly feel it while sleeping.

Joint Holding Tube

Being a mother is no easy job and when always on the go, there are times she might need a little “pick me up”. This luxury metal joint holder is perfect for carrying therapeutic joints while out and about. Smell proof and made from strong aluminum, she will be able to avoid damaging her joints as well as giving off any funny scents. It also comes equipped with a hook, allowing her to attach her holder wherever she wants, making it easier and more convenient.

Not being transparent means no one will know what she is carrying, keeping her personal roll, personal.

Jute Tote Bag

This bag will make her day, ooooh! Whether it’s gum, Kleenex, a pen or a few bucks, mothers always have their bag filled with literally anything you need. Made big and spacious, there is plenty of room to securely store whatever she needs to in this bag.

The best part? This is made of 100% natural jute fiber with interior laminated coating so it won’t easily get dirty or wet when out on the road or on the beach this summer — it’s also very trendy of course.

White Noise Machine

This gadget is expertly designed! Made with a number of relaxing white noises and nature sounds, she will be able to change her environment anytime with just the touch of a button — or tap of her phone. The compatible phone app will help her easily adjust the tones, volume, and brightness and also offers a timer so she can enjoy a night of peaceful slumber without hassle. And she’ll need it after all of the celebration festivities.

Hemp wick

This wick is made from 100% organic hemp and the best of the best beeswax — because mother deserves it. Known as the cleanest hemp wick on the market, it’s great for many uses, including lighting dark, hard to reach areas, decorative twine, candle making, lighting a therapeutic smokeable, and many more! Not only is this wick good for the environment, it’s inexpensive and durable — something we know she will appreciate.

Garden Glove with Claws

This might sound scary, but it’ll sure give all of the garden lovers a huge break! With these, tending and cultivating a garden will help her start the Summer season right. These gloves are flexible, comfy and strong – whether it’s taking up the leaves, making plant holes, digging out weeds they will be able to meet her needs in gardening.

Hemp + Herbs Botanical Pre-Rolls

In a time where relaxation is a highly-regarded luxury, few things are more calming than the power of natural herbs. Just the aroma of botanicals like lavender, rose and peppermint are soothing to the soul, but inhaling them can drastically increase the relaxing effects. Combine that with CBD-packed organically-grown pure hemp flower and you’ve got a winning combination – giving your mother the gift of peace and calm.

Easy, Meaningful (and low-cost) Gifts

We didn’t forget about those who may be a little strapped for cash — a loving mom will appreciate even the sheer thought of her on Mother’s Day. Here are a few simple ways:

  • Writer her a letter
  • Make a craft project
  • Spend the entire day with her
  • Make a memories box
  • Make her a thank-you video
  • Give her breakfast in bed
  • Wash and clean her car
  • Invite her to an outdoor activity
  • Make her some baked goods
  • Make a photo montage
  • Give her a compliments jar
  • Give her a candy stash box
  • Take her to a local comedy club or jazz show

If you’re already planning to get her something (or a few things) for Mother’s Day, why not take things up a notch and add a little something extra? She would only appreciate it more.


Mothers Day is not only a good day to spoil mom just a little, but it’s also one of the best opportunities to show your love, respect, and thanks to her in some way.

No doubt, with all that’s out there, it can be a little challenging to know what to give her — but with a little time, preparation, and this fanciful list of unique gifts you can make her feel special and seen on Mother’s Day.